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The American Buckeye Club is dedicated to the preservation of the Buckeye Chicken and is a place for Breeders, Hobbiests, Fanciers and Poultry Enthusiasts to share information about this exceptional breed of fowl.  The organization was established in 1909 and reorganized by a small group of OHIO based Buckeye Breeders in 2009.  Our MISSION is to be the primary resource for the BUCKEYE BREEDERS DIRECTORY (please click the link below) in addition to a historical reference for everyone interested in learning more about Buckeyes!

(Photo Provided by Crains Run Ranch, owner Jeff Lay)

The American Buckeye Club
is operating as an internet based organization and is maintained and managed by Co-Founder, Jeffrey Lay, who has been raising and breeding Buckeyes in Ohio since 2002.  Membership to the American Buckeye Club is "FREE"!!!  If you are a breeder and wish to be placed in the BUCKEYE BREEDERS DIRECTORY contact us for your "FREE" listing.  If you are trying to find a breeder near you and one is not listed in your area please let us know and we'll try to find someone who an assist you.  Many breeders will ship hatching eggs and day-old chicks anywhere in the USA!

As of January 2013, the club has grown to OVER 250 members and we continue to look for ways to improve communication while maintaining the online BUCKEYE BREEDERS DIRECTORY. This directory is a great way to help people locate other breeders and identify potential sources for other "strains" or "lines" which exist within the breed.  At the same time, we still find people are more and more interested in a variety of social media venues than a static website. In 2010, we launced the "Buckeye Chickens" Facebook page for those of you who use Facebook on a regular basis this might be the place to visit!  NEW for 2012 is The American Buckeye Club BLOG and it will add NEW information, pictures and historical references on a monthly basis.  Last but NOT LEAST, there is our older, but very active, Buckeye Yahoo Group forum that is loaded with usefull information about the Buckeye.  You can lean more about ALL of these at our "LINKS, JOIN & FACEBOOK" Page.

As you begin to select a Buckeye breeder we recommend you learn as much as you can about their stock and lineage before you buy!  Some breeders may not know where their "strain" or "line" comes from but as a buyer we suggest you ask questions before you purchase. Some breeders will breed to the APA Standard of Perfection but that should not be a deterent to buying another breeders stock if you are interested in utility fowl.  Hatcheries are prime examples of "unknown" stock in many cases and are a great resoiurce for "utility" Buckeyes.

The American Buckeye Club has one basic goal; PRESERVATION of the BUCKEYE breed.  We help buyers find individual Breeders and/or Hatcheries that offer Buckeye chicks, adult birds and hatching eggs. It is our desire to assist newcomers to the Buckeye breed in gaining a wealth of expertise, practical experience and hope they find our members to have the highest degree of integrity and honesty when conducting business.  Unfortunately, there are people in the poultry industry that will take advantage of newcomers to the "Fancy" but hopefully we can help people avoid these scammers!

E-Mail us today for FREE membership
or for HELP finding a Breeder near you!
SEND us your BUCKEYE pictures and we will post them on the ABC website, include your name and date picture was taken. Every 3-6 months we will try to add a new PIC to this website!!!

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